Estate planning

Work out what you want early on

You should already take steps to ensure your wealth is passed on in a way you think is best. And you should make sure that your wishes are still respected even if you can no longer express them yourself.

This means making important decisions in good time and taking the necessary steps to divide your inheritance, create a will or inheritance agreement, put in place a power of attorney, determine successors in your company and if required, appoint a suitable executor.

My customers put in place their succession plans in good time.

Karin Brunner
Estate Planning Expert
Important questions about estate planning

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Our offering
Estate consultation

VZ’s estate planning experts help you divide up your inheritance as you wish within the framework of the relevant legal options.

Execution of wills

After your death, we divide up your estate in line with your wishes and are there to advise and support your heirs.

Corporate succession planning

Do you want to be sure that your company continues to thrive if anything happens to you? Then talk to us before it is too late.

VZ Safe

Store important documents such as your will or inheritance agreement digitally in the VZ Safe and you can access them at any time, no matter where you are.

LGBT advice

VZ Zurich’s specialist LGBT Client Desk advises gay and lesbian couples on how to ensure their partners are financially secure.