Plan carefully to save on taxes

Optimising tax forms part of a solid financial plan that addresses all wealth and retirement planning matters. Your tax burden is an important factor to consider in all financial decisions. 

To keep it as low as possible over the long term, you require specialist knowledge on retirement planning, investments, real estate and succession planning. You should obtain all the relevant in-depth information or discuss the matter with an experienced specialist.

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We keep an eye on everything so that you don’t have to pay more tax than necessary.

Markus Stoll
Tax Specialist
Important questions about tax optimisation

Free-of-charge first consultation

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Our offering
Completing tax returns

Save time, money and worries: we will complete your tax return, check your final tax bill and if necessary, negotiate with the authorities.

Tax planning

We help you optimise your tax situation for the coming years and save thousands of francs.

VZ Safe

Tax documents that have to be retained for a certain period can be securely stored in the VZ Safe, where they can be accessed at any time. Learn more about our digital offering.

Corporate succession planning

We show you how as a business owner, you can significantly reduce your tax bill if you put in place succession plans at an early stage.

LGBT tax advice

Our experts advise LGBT customers on all issues relating to tax and helps them optimise their finances from a tax perspective.