Legal Notices

By accessing the website of the VZ Group (Swiss group companies of VZ Holding Ltd and its associated companies, collectively referred to hereafter as "VZ"), the user declares that it has read and acknowledged the legal notices.

The legal notices as well as all information on the VZ website may be changed at any time without prior notice. If the user does not agree with or does not understand any of the following provisions it must refrain from accessing the VZ website.

1. Access restrictions

The VZ website is intended solely for users who have their residence or registered office, as applicable, in Switzerland. In particular, the VZ website is not intended for users who are subject to a jurisdiction that prohibits publication of and/or access to the VZ website due to nationality, residence/registered office (e.g. USA, UK, Canada, Japan, China, Singapore etc.) or for other reasons. Users to whom such restrictions apply are expressly prohibited from accessing the VZ website. This specifically applies to users who are nationals of or reside in the USA (so-called US persons).

2. No offer and no advice

The content published on the VZ website is solely for information purposes. It does not represent an invitation, recommendation or offer to purchase or sell financial or investment instruments of any kind or to carry out transactions. The opinions and assessments expressed on the VZ website reflect the view of VZ at the time of publication and do not constitute individual investment, legal or tax advice. The fact that the user accesses the VZ website does not make the user a customer of VZ.

3. No warranty

VZ uses customary due care in compiling the content of the VZ website. However, VZ makes no representation or warranty that the information on the VZ website is up to date, correct or complete. VZ makes no representation or warranty that access to the VZ website or individual functions on the VZ website will run without interruptions or errors, that errors will be eliminated or that no viruses or other malware will be transmitted when accessing the VZ website.

4. No liability

To the extent legally permitted, VZ excludes all liability arising from access to the information on the VZ website or to links to third party websites, or arising because access is not possible. 

5. Reservation of all intellectual property rights

All information on the VZ website belongs exclusively and comprehensively to VZ (in particular copyright and other rights) unless otherwise specified. The information is made freely available solely for private use. No element or information on the VZ website is designed in such a way as to grant a licence or right to use a registered trademark, logo, image or other content protected by intellectual property rights. VZ reserves all intellectual property rights concerning all information on the VZ website. The written consent of VZ is required for any use other than private use (e.g. reproduction, use for public or commercial purposes).

6. Personal data 

Where the user provides VZ with personal data (e.g. name, telephone number, address or email address) using a form or otherwise via the VZ website, VZ may use this personal data in particular for marketing purposes and for contacting the user at a later point to inform it them of services and news. Such personal data may be disclosed within VZ. Additional information about the ways in which VZ handles such personal information can be found in the Privacy Statement of VZ at

7. Security of data transfer and electronic communication

When the user visits the VZ website, its data is transmitted via an open network accessible to anyone. Data which the user electronically transmits to VZ or has VZ electronically transmit to it (e.g. contact form or email) is generally not encrypted. This includes in particular the following risks:

  • Data may be intercepted and viewed by third parties;
  • Even if the sender and recipient are located in Switzerland, data may be transferred uncontrolled abroad, where data protection might not be comparable to Switzerland;
  • Electronic messages may contain viruses or other malware which may result in various types of damages. For anti-virus purposes, the use of up-to-date browser versions and the installation of antivirus software which is updated on an ongoing basis is recommended;
  • The identity of the sender (e.g. email) and the content of the message may be faked or otherwise manipulated by unauthorised persons. Emails of doubtful origin and unexpected attachments to an email should not be opened.

Even in a transmission that might be encrypted, the sender and recipient remain unencrypted in each case. It can therefore not be ruled out that data sent in such a way may be intercepted and viewed by third parties or that the contact with VZ may be traced.

Unless otherwise expressly stated, VZ does not accept orders or instructions of any kind that are issued via email or by other electronic message transmission systems.

8. Tracking data

When the VZ website is accessed, VZ collects so-called tracking data, which provide information about user behaviour. It is generally not possible to draw inferences from tracking data as to the identity of the individual user, and they hence do not constitute personal data falling under the Swiss Data Protection Act.

For data security reasons VZ stores the following access data in particular in a log file: IP address, date and time of access, name and URL of the file retrieved, browser used and operating system used.

The VZ website and VZ apps uses so-called cookies. A cookie is text information which the user's browser stores when internet sites are visited. VZ uses cookies to enhance the user experience, personalise content and notices, provide social media functions and analyse access to the VZ website and VZ apps. Third parties with whom VZ has marketing relationships may also use cookies to collect information about the use of the VZ website, VZ apps and other websites. The information collected by cookies (e.g. IP address, name and URL of the file accessed) is transferred to the servers of the third-party providers of these services, stored there and prepared for use by VZ. The servers of the third-party providers may even be located outside Switzerland (worldwide). VZ uses such information in particular to improve the effectiveness of its advertising initiatives.

So-called plugins and components of third parties with whom VZ maintains marketing relationships may also be used to analyse user behaviour. The plugins bear the third party's logo and may consist of, for example, "Like" buttons. When the user interacts with plugins, the corresponding information is transmitted directly from the user's browser to the third-party provider's system and stored there. The third-party provider may even be located outside Switzerland (worldwide). Third-party components may also use cookies.

The user may at any time deactivate the use of cookies in its browser settings and delete existing cookies. In this case not all VZ website functions may be accessible in full.

9. Links to other websites

VZ does not review the third-party websites linked to the VZ website. These links are for the sole purpose of user-friendliness and information. Third-party websites are completely outside the control of VZ, which is why no responsibility of any kind is assumed for the accuracy, completeness and legality of the content and any offers. The operator of the websites visited via the links bears responsibility for those aspects. Linking to these websites is done at the user's own risk.

Placing a link to the VZ website on a third-party website requires the prior approval of VZ.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Insofar as a legal relationship has even been created between the user and VZ, it shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law, excluding the provisions of private international law or other rules on the conflict of laws. The place of performance and jurisdiction for disputes shall be exclusively at the registered office of VZ, unless stipulated otherwise under mandatory statutory provisions. For users domiciled abroad, the registered office of VZ shall also be the place for debt collection proceedings. VZ may also enforce its rights at the domicile of the user or before any other competent court.

Last update: 1 January 2022