Consultations at VZ

Independent, wide-ranging and transparent

VZ is Switzerland’s leading provider of independent financial consultancy services. Each year, we help thousands of customers plan their retirements. We analyse their assets, improve their real estate financing, optimise their tax and insurance situation and put in place succession plans for them. At VZ, we know and appreciate your overall financial situation. And we make sure that all the decisions you take are coordinated with each other.

We provide wide-ranging advice

At VZ, we always consider your overall personal and financial situation. You can talk to us about securities, just as much as you can retirement, real estate, mortgages, shareholdings and insurance.

We combine the knowledge of our investment advisors with the expertise of our portfolio managers, tax advisors, lawyers, fiduciary agents as well as our insurance and real estate experts.

That’s why our consultations are so successful: it is only by considering your overall situation that we can work out the right recommendations for all your individual questions.

We provide independent advice

VZ does not sell its own financial products and is not a broker. As we earn our money from consultation and management fees, in each and every case we recommend the provider and product that benefits our customers the most. And when it comes to portfolio management, our independence from banks and insurers places us in the ideal position to be able to always think and act in our customers’ best interests. We only make use of investment instruments that perform well in our objective selection process. Unlike other providers, we don’t have to restructure our customers’ portfolios to generate fees.


BILANZ rating

VZ VermögensZentrum once again takes its place on the podium and is awarded the title of "long-time quality leader" this year as well.


Best of Swiss Web

The VZ Financial Portal was awarded a silver and a bronze medal.


Best employer 2024

VZ is one of the best employers in Switzerland.


VZ Germany

For the third time in a row, €uro magazine has rated VZ’s asset management services the best in Germany.


We provide transparent advice

Transparency begins by talking to you about your realistic return expectations and the risks that financial decisions entail. We provide precise information about the fees and premiums for financial solutions and clarify the tax consequences. We also act transparently when analysing existing financial and investment solutions, issuing investment proposals and of course, when providing regular reports about the performance of your portfolio.

Our consultation process

At VZ, the consultation process begins with a meeting in one of our branches or via a video call. The first goal is to understand your questions, sketch out potential solutions and estimate the budget for the consultation process.

How consultation works at VZ