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VZ is Switzerland’s leading provider of independent financial consultancy services. Each year, we help thousands of customers plan their retirements. We analyse their assets, improve their real estate financing, optimise their tax and insurance situation and put in place succession plans for them. At VZ, we know and appreciate your overall financial situation. And we make sure that all the decisions you take are coordinated with each other. Do you have any questions about your money. Then arrange an appointment at your local VZ branch.

Who we are

We founded VZ in 1993 with the aim of making the financial industry more transparent and giving consumers access to attractive benefits. Today, VZ Group is Switzerland’s leading independent financial service provider. There are three key elements to our work:

  1. Services that are geared to the benefit of our clients
  2. Consulting without conflict of interest
  3. Individual support by highly qualified experts.

We ensure that our clients prepare properly for retirement, make the right decisions at the time of retirement and are financially secure throughout the third phase of their lives.  This is how we contribute to overcoming one of the great societal challenges of our time.

VZ's goal is not to achieve short-term profits, but to generate healthy growth in the long term. We offer attractive and secure jobs and we create many new positions every year. Our success is made possible by our employees. Their accomplishments are extraordinary, and they shape our corporate culture.

Our clients appreciate the fact that they receive comprehensive advice and individual support from us. Their satisfaction is the measure for our success. Many clients recommend us to others because they feel well attended to and have noticeably more money at their disposal thanks to our services.

Our consultation approach
Our consultation process

History and founders

From pioneer to market leader

Matthias Reinhart and Max Bolanz founded VZ in 1993 in an effort to bring transparency to the Swiss insurance and banking industries. The idea immediately generated a furore of interest; up until then it had been practically impossible to compare the prices and benefits of insurance and financial products.

It immediately became apparent that there was a very tangible demand for independent advice far exceeding objective comparisons of financial products. In the years that followed, VZ consequentially expanded its services. Today the VZ Group encompasses a number of independent companies offering advice to individuals, companies and large organisations on all financial matters.

Until the founding of VZ VermögensZentrum, there was hardly any discussion of overall consulting, financial planning and financial consulting in Switzerland. That has changed radically in the meantime: VZ’s success has shown that independent financial consulting meets a true need.

VZ Group

All the experts under one roof

In Switzerland VZ has for many years been the first port of call for independent financial consulting. Each year several thousand wealthy clients plan their retirement with VZ, have their investments reviewed, improve the financing of their real estate properties, optimise their taxes or plan their estates. We advise corporate clients in particular on questions relating to benefit planning and risk management. 

Over the years, additional business fields sprung up around the core services of financial consulting and portfolio management for private individuals. These ideally complement each other. Experts at VZ Vorsorge Ltd are partners for all the benefit planning and insurance questions brought by our corporate clients. HypothekenZentrum administers and services mortgages, and transfers mortgage risks to institutional investors. Finally, at VZ Depository Bank investors benefit from inexpensive securities transactions and competitive interest rates.

VZ Group has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 2007 and employs a total of 1500 specialists in Switzerland and Germany. 

Group Executive Board
Board of Directors

Group structure

VZ Group encompasses the following legally-independent companies:

Sustainability at VZ

We take our responsibility for the environment and society seriously and also consider sustainability aspects in all important decisions. This includes the following areas: 

  • Investment based on ESG criteria
  • Responsible corporate government
  • Social commitment
  • Social responsibility as an employer
  • Environmental responsibility.

Read the Sustainability Report 2022 (German)
Download the Sustainability Report 2022 (PDF in German)

Values and objectives

VZ Group’s Code of Conduct describes the values, objectives and behaviours that serve as a guideline for all employees within the group.


Qualified and motivated from the beginning

VZ is successful primarily because of its highly-qualified employees. We hire only candidates with excellent training who have already proven themselves considerably and who can think analytically and have above-average capabilities. Multidisciplinary knowledge is so important in the day-to-day work at VZ that we exchange information constantly in internal training courses.

VZ forms talented trainees into Financial Consultants in its own training programme. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the new employees receive intensive on-the-job training. From the very beginning, they work on concrete client cases together with experienced consultants and train in conceptual thinking, problem solving, communication and teamwork. A person who graduates successfully from this training assumes responsibilities on a client consultant team.

Employment at VZ

Ambitious KV (Business Association) graduates, (technical) university graduates, specialists from banking and insurance as well as other specialists are at the right address with us. Anyone who wants to advance with us and is prepared for extraordinary achievement will help to shape our company. We highly prize initiative and rapid assumption of responsibility. The result is a total of 1500 competent, committed employees on whom we can rely 100 percent.