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Portrait von Adriano Pavone
Adriano Pavone
Head of Media Relations
Direct phone
+41 44 207 25 22
+41 44 207 27 28
adriano.pavone [at]


BILANZ rating

VZ VermögensZentrum once again takes its place on the podium and is awarded the title of "long-time quality leader" this year as well.


Best of Swiss Web

The VZ Financial Portal was awarded a silver and a bronze medal.


Best employer 2024

VZ is one of the best employers in Switzerland.


VZ Germany

For the third time in a row, €uro magazine has rated VZ’s asset management services the best in Germany.



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Portrait pictures of the management

Portrait von Giulio Vitarelli

Giulio Vitarelli
Chairman of the Executive Board

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Portrait von Philipp Heer

Philipp Heer
Managing Director VZ VermögensZentrum (Switzerland)

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Portrait von Thomas Schönbucher

Thomas Schönbucher
Deputy Managing Director VZ VermögensZentrum AG, Switzerland

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Portrait von Marc Weber

Marc Weber
Managing Director VZ Depository Bank

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Manuel Rütsche
Head Asset Management 

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Simon Tellenbach
Managing Director Corporate Clients

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Portrait von Rafael Pfaffen

Rafael Pfaffen
Chief Financial Officer

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