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Transparency is essential, also when it comes to our relations with shareholders, analysts and the media. We are committed to revealing all relevant information that facilitates a comprehensive evaluation of our enterprise.

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Current Ad hoc announcements pursuant to Art. 53 LR

12 August 2022
VZ Group continues to grow

12 April 2022
VZ shareholders approve of Board of Directors’ motions

3 March 2022
Successful year for VZ Group

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Corporate Calendar

Future dates for investors

2 March 2023
Publication of the annual results and the annual report 2022
Media and analyst conference

12 April 2023   
General meeting 2023

16 August 2023
Publication of the half-year results and the half-year report 2023
Media and analyst conference

Key figures of VZ Group

Income statement (CHF '000)


1H 2022 2H 2021 1H 2021
Operating revenues 209'978 201'111 187'755
Operating expenses 109'320 103'215 97'795
Operating profit (EBIT) 89'968 87'393 80'121
Net profit 77'031 74'826 68'378

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VZ Group's financial reports

VZ Group’s financial reports are published twice a year in German and English. The annual report is published in the month of February or March following the year under report, the half-annual report is published in the month of August of the current financial year. The annual report provides in depth information on the past financial year.

Current financial reports 2022

Half-year report 2022 (PDF), published on 12 August 2022
Presentation of the results first half-year 2022 (PDF)
Letter to shareholders first half-year 2022 (PDF)

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Corporate Governance, Compensation and Sustainability Report

Effective corporate governance ensures fairness and transparency vis-à-vis all stakeholders, in particular vis-à-vis shareholders. The VZ Group is committed to protecting the interests of shareholders and to disclosing all relevant information.

In addition, we take our environmental and social responsibility seriously and also consider aspects of sustainability in all important decisions.

Detailed information on corporate governance, remuneration and sustainability can be found in the Annual Report and the Sustainability Report.

Corporate governance annual report 2021 (PDF)
Compensation report 2021
Sustainability Report 2021: read / download (PDF)

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