Convenient, easy payments thanks to QR bills

In 2020, the QR bill was rolled out across Switzerland. Following a two-year transitional period, they will completely replace the red and orange payment slips as of 1 October 2022. QR bills will make it even easier to make payments in future. All the payment information is contained in the QR code. Simply scan the code, release the invoice, done.

Benefits of QR bills

  • Simply scan the QR code to access all the billing information.
  • You no longer have to manually type in the account and reference numbers. This saves time and eliminates errors.
  • It takes just one click to make the payment.

What will change for me as the recipient of a bill?

In future, you will only receive QR bills as the red and orange payment slips will be completely replaced.

What does a QR bill payment slip look like?

As was the case with the old payment slips, a QR bill is split into two parts: the receipt slip (1) and the payment part (2).

The “Swiss QR code” (3) contains all the information required for invoicing and payment.

You can use the perforation (4) to detach the payment part and receipt slip from the bill and then pay at a post office or send a payment order to your bank.

Source: SIX Group


More information from SIX can be found here or as a PDF to download.

How do I pay a QR bill?

  • Via the VZ Financial Portal mobile app: Open the VZ Financial Portal app and scan the QR code with the QR reader (>Payments > Scan payment). Initiate the payment by clicking in the app or on your desktop. Alternatively, you can enter the bill manually.
  • Via VZ Financial Portal e-banking: Log in to the VZ Financial Portal on your desktop. Scan the QR code with a QR reader (e.g. PayEye or PayPen) and then initiate the payment by clicking accordingly. Alternatively, you can enter the bill manually.
  • Via a VZ multi-payment order: Complete the written order form, enclose the open QR bills and send everything to VZ Depository Bank.
  • At the post office counter: The QR bill works like the old payment slips and can also be paid directly at any post office counter.

VZ multi-payment orders can be ordered from your customer advisor or our Helpdesk on 058 411 88 88 (Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. To 6 p.m.).

For billers: If you use business software for your payment transactions, carry out the latest update. This will make sure that your QR bills can be paid.