QR bill: the new payment procedure for companies

QR billing was implemented throughout Switzerland on 30 June 2020. It simplifies the issuing and payment of bills and, after a transitional period, will replace the existing red and orange payment slips. As the biller and recipient, you may have to adapt your software solution.

With a few simple steps, you can create QR bills on your computer and print them yourself. It is even easier if you use a software program to create and pay them.

The QR bill meets the requirements for 100% digital processing. Even if you wish to continue to bill in paper form, your workload will be reduced.

Further information from SIX can be found here.

Source: SIX Group


Advantages for billers

  • You will be able to print bills yourself on white, perforated paper and no longer need to order pre-printed payment slips.
  • ISR reference numbers can still be used. SCOR references are available for payments within the SEPA zone.
  • You may add a note to the reference.

Advantages for bill recipients

  • Scanning the QR code replaces the manual entry of payment data.
  • You receive billing information for the automatic matching of accounting data.
  • You select the payment channel: e-banking, mobile banking or over the counter.

How to switch successfully

1. Billers who print their own bills

If you wish to continue using your existing software, please contact your software partner.

If you are working with an in-house software, make sure early on that it is able to create QR bills. After a transition period, the QR bill will replace the existing payment slips completely.

If you use the v11 message to reconcile your ISR payment receipts with your open receivables, you must switch to "camt messages" before issuing your first QR bill.

2. Billers with pre-printed payment slips

In e-banking, you can use the QR bill to order payment slips printed as usual and, until they are replaced, red and orange inpayment slips as well.

3. Bill recipients without creditor software

If you do not use software to manage your accounts payable and pay your bills via e-banking, you do not need to do anything. For VZ clients, payments for QR bills will be processed from 30 June 2020.

4. Bill recipients with creditor software

If you use a software solution to manage your accounts payable, you should check with your supplier immediately to see whether it can process QR bills.

If you are using a proprietary software, make sure early on that it is capable of handling QR bills.

Please note that the QR bill only recognises the IBAN and QR IBAN as account numbers. You should therefore update your payment data immediately.