Insurances and pension benefits: Maximum benefits at the best price

Do you have the insurances and retirement schemes that work for you? Our experts assess whether you are insured according to your needs and actual risks, whether you are getting the best out of your pension fund and pillar 3a, and whether you and your family are adequately protected. You will find their answers in an insurance check provided by the VZ experts free of charge.

Important questions about pension provisioning and insurance policies

Insurance policy management

How can I organize my insurance policies?

Liability, accident, health, death – are you familiar with all risks? Do you know which insurance policies and excesses make sense for you? And how you can best protect your material assets?

If you would like an overview of your insurance policies and wish to take your decisions with care and deliberation, you need specialist expertise and time. Or the right partner: At VZ you can have your existing insurance policies checked by our independent experts. And if you would prefer personal and active all-round support, as an asset management client, we are the right people for you. With the comprehensive management of your portfolio you profit from the expert and reliable support of our experts and save a great deal of time and money.

VZ collective agreements for insurances

Where can I get more benefits for less money?

Do you want to pay up to 20 percent lower premiums, and still enjoy full insurance benefits? You can save money with a collective agreement from VZ VersicherungsZentrum – while maintaining or even improving the insurance benefits.

Insurers value VZ clients as a particularly attractive target group, and offer exclusive terms and conditions. With a VZ collective agreement you can profit from this saving potential and reduce your insurance premiums by up to 20 percent. As a VZ VermögensZentrum client, you profit from collective agreements for

  • Household effects, valuables, private liability
  • Motor vehicle
  • Building insurance and building liability insurance
  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Health insurance

Automobile & transport

How can I insure myself well and cost-effectively?

The price of a vehicle insurance policy depends on your claims risk as well as on the insurance company.

As a VZ client, you profit in the field of vehicle and transport insurance, including scooters and motorbikes, from attractive discount agreements – and consequently from lower premiums. If your vehicle is stolen or written off during the first two years of operation, you also receive the full purchase price back. A benefit worth several thousand francs.

If you are interested in a VZ collective agreement, we shall be delighted to draw up a non-binding offer for you. Please contact us directly or print the offer for a VZ collective agreement (PDF) and send this to us by post.

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Contents & household insurance

How can I properly protect my household effects?

Do you want to protect your household effects, your valuables or your building properly? While not paying excessive premiums for the privilege?

VZ works together with reliable partners for policies in the field of contents and household insurance. With our collective policy you profit from low premiums and attractive insurance benefits in the fields of:

  • Household contents
  • Private liability
  • Valuables
  • Building
  • Legal expenses

VZ place a particular emphasis on providing well-balanced consultancy services. With the aim of identifying the correct insurance sums and drawing up an insurance solution that is right for you and your family.

If you are interested in a VZ collective agreement, we shall be delighted to draw up a non-binding offer for you. Please contact us directly or print the offer for a VZ collective agreement (PDF) and send this to us by post.

VZ VersicherungsZentrum AG
Gotthardstrasse 6, CH-8002 Zürich

Health insurers

How can I secure inexpensive health insurance cover?

Do you want to good insurance cover, yet pay less for the privilege? While basic insurance cover is obligatory in Switzerland, supplementary insurance policies cover your personal requirements and can be taken out voluntarily.

With our collective agreements, VZ VermögensZentrum offers attractive health insurance solutions for:

  • Supplementary nursing cover (supplementary outpatient insurance)
  • Supplementary hospital cover (supplementary inpatient insurance)
  • Dental or capital insurance policies

If you are interested in a VZ collective agreement, we shall be delighted to draw up a non-binding offer for you. Please contact us directly or print the offer for a VZ collective agreement (PDF) and send this to us by post.

VZ VersicherungsZentrum AG
Gotthardstrasse 6, CH-8002 Zürich

Pension provisioning planning

Am I sufficiently financially protected?

How high is your income if you are unable to work due to illness or accident? How much money will be available to you after you withdraw from active working life? And how well are your nearest and dearest protected in the event of your death? Professional pension provisioning planning is always advisable when personal or professional changes take place: If you move to another job, buy residential property, are planning to marry, have children or divorce, if you become self-employed or go into retirement.

Within the framework of pension provisioning planning at VZ VermögensZentrum, we analyse your risk protection and your future financial security. We check your insurance policies and pension assets, uncover possible financial shortfalls and calculate your retirement capital. As our VZ experts advise you comprehensively and exclusively in your own interest, you will receive valuable suggestions for your estate planning and tax optimisation within the context of our pension provisioning planning.

3rd pillar

Does my pension provisioning have firm foundations?

Have you already taken out a so-called 3rd pillar policy? Is your provisioning solution based on an interest-bearing account, or is it linked to an insurance policy? And how high are the fees you pay for your 3rd pillar?

Payments into the 3a pillar are attractive. You can deduct the paid sums from your taxable income, while credit balances and interest income remain tax-free. Even if you already regularly pay into the 3rd pillar, you can still optimise your pension provisioning solution: At VZ VermögensZentrum we check and compare your existing solution against alternative offers. We advise you when choosing the right offer. And with the pillar 3a with ETF, we offer you a particularly attractive pension provisioning solution on the VZ Finance Portal.

The following maximum sums for the so-called Pillar 3a are applicable in 2021:

  • Employed persons with a pension fund: CHF 6883.00
  • Employed persons without pension fund: CHF 34,416.00, no more than 20 percent of earned income

Comparison of fees

How much can I save with a 3a pillar at VZ?

Do you pay excessively high fees for your 3rd pillar? Do you generate proper market returns with your 3a pillar assets?

Many providers charge fees for their 3a pillar securities solutions in excess of 1.5 percent. Management fees at VZ amount to 0.68 percent per annum (including transaction fees, issue premiums, redemption fees, securities portfolio fees, free investment of new money and rebalancing). This means the 3a pillar at VZ is up to 60 percent cheaper than at other providers.

3a pillar with ETF

How can I invest in a cost-conscious manner?

Do you want to build up your assets cost-effectively? And have you had enough of high fees that reduce your returns? With a 3a pillar with ETF you define your own investment strategy within the statutory constraints, and pay up to 60 percent lower fees than with the competition. As an online client of the VZ Finance Portal you can restructure your stocks and amend your investment strategy at any time.

VZ offers a pillar 3a with a selectable equity share of 0 to 97 percent. The investment strategy you choose is deployed in practically all investment categories with ETF or other cost-effective index funds. For this purpose the investment experts at VZ VermögensZentrum offer you the most attractive products. With a 3a pillar with ETF, you decide yourself when is the right time to sell your securities. Upon retirement you can transfer all ETFs into your private securities portfolio.

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Pillar 3a with individual securities

Save with Swiss shares in pillar 3a

As of now, you can also invest in individual securities in VZ's pillar 3a. This is an attractive solution for investors with a medium to offensive profile. These are the main advantages:

  • Fees: Holding individual shares reduces the average cost of your portfolio.
  • Transparency: Investing in individual securities means that you know exactly in which companies you are invested at all times.
  • Diversification: With this approach, you invest in equal shares in the 20 largest Swiss companies.

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