Establishing a company

Do you have an amazing idea or would you like to pass on your experience and expertise and set up a company? The path to working for yourself is both challenging and time-consuming. The type of legal form your new company should have, the best retirement solutions and which insurance policies make sense – these are just some of the issues that you will have to address even before establishing your company.

We support you in all issues related to founding a company so that you have the time to get off to a good start.

Fabian Linssen
Our offering
Company foundation consultancy

We advise you on all matters related to setting up your own company – from choosing the right legal form to selecting the best insurance and pension solution for your new company.

Business account

With the VZ Corporate Banking Package, you can easily carry out all your payment transactions free-of-charge via VZ Depository Bank’s e-banking service.

VZ Pension solution for companies

With the VZ Pension solution, the smallest of companies can benefit from cost savings on insurance, which could otherwise only be negotiated by large companies.

Fiduciary services

We carry out administrative tasks for you so that you can fully concentrate on your operational business.