How do I establish a company?

Setting up your own company is an exciting, yet extremely challenging task. In addition to having a good business idea, you have to deal with a variety of regulatory and technical insurance issues before you can properly get up and running. 

Depending on its legal form, the company must be entered in the cantonal commercial register. When establishing an incorporated company, you should clarify the following points before registering it:

  • Name and purpose of the company
  • Amount of start-up capital
  • Who will be shareholders
  • Do I need any permits or authorisations
  • Which insurance is mandatory 
  • Will I have to charge VAT

As soon as your company is entered in the commercial register, you also have to register the company with the OASI/DI office and an accident insurer. If applicable, you will also need to sign up to an occupational pension fund and register for VAT.


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