Our consultation process

How consultation works at VZ

At VZ, the consultation process begins with a meeting in one of our branches or via a video call. The first goal is to understand your questions, sketch out potential solutions and estimate the budget for the consultation process.

First meeting: free of charge and non-binding

A good consultation is always personal. That is why we take the time to understand your concerns and needs and to estimate how much our work will cost.


Free-of-charge first consultation

Talk to one of the experts at VZ. The first consultation is free-of-charge.

Offer: we provide a clear offer

You will receive an offer that sets out your questions, the consultation steps and the budget. The fee will be based on the actual number of hours we spend on your consultation.

Analysis and concept: your needs and decisions count

If you agree to our offer, we then perform an in-depth analysis of your situation: we put together various potential solutions and balance our findings with the decisions to be taken. We transparently document each step in writing. You decide whether and how to proceed.

Measures: holistic planning

The concept determines which measures have to be taken and when in order to safeguard your assets, optimise your taxes and mortgages, and improve the returns on your investments.

Implementation: sustainable, measurable success

We will implement the recommended measures as you request. Our solutions for financial investments, mortgages, insurance and pensions are simple, cost-effective and add real value. VZ covers all the financial needs for your household and is far more cost-effective than other providers – not least because there are no unnecessary commissions and brokerage fees charged on any of our services.