Experts in all money matters

With our concepts, we optimise income, assets and taxes. Many satisfied clients also commission us to implement our recommendations. We are not only consultants, but also asset managers. Whether you wish to build, grow or restructure your assets – we are the people you should talk to.

The experts at VZ VermögensZentrum are well versed in all money matters. We advise you in setting your course for the future development of your income and assets. Our services result in measurable success: a better return on your investments, a lower tax burden, savings on loan interest and lower insurance premiums. 

Consulting guidelines

Comprehensive, independent and transparent consultancy


Risk Consultants possess the knowledge of insurance experts, economists, lawyers and social security specialists. Only those who can see the big picture are in a position to make the right recommendation when it comes to individual issues.

We know what we are talking about when it comes to liability, property and insurance of persons. With our concepts we will optimise the insurance solutions of your business. Many satisfied clients immediately instruct us to implement our recommendations. We are not only consultants, but also insurance brokers. Whether you would like to optimise your insurance benefits or save costs, with VZ Insurance Services AG you have found the right partner.


VZ does not sell any proprietary products and does not hold agency agreements for insurance products. The fact that we receive our income from consultation and management fees ensures that we will always recommend the companies and products that offer the greatest value to our clients.

In consultation situations, and also when managing insurance portfolios, our independence from banks and insurance companies creates the optimal prerequisite for ensuring a client-oriented approach and attitude to our work. We only implement financial products that come out with above average ratings in our objective selection process.

Unlike other providers, we do not have to reallocate assets to generate fee income.

VZ is also financially independent. The majority of VZ Holding AG shares are held by management and senior employees. VZ Holding AG holds a 100% stake holding in all VZ group companies.


Matthias Reinhart founded VZ to bring transparency to the Swiss insurance and banking industry. Up until that point, it was practically impossible for Swiss consumers to compare prices and benefits of insurance policies and other financial products. This has changed categorically since, and the independent advice that VZ offers has been a key contributing factor to this significant market transformation.

Transparency begins with a meeting with you to discuss realistic risk scenarios and inform you about pricing structures and management fees. We also offer transparency in the analysis of your existing insurance portfolio, when making new policy proposals, and when presenting our annual report on the development of your insurance portfolio.

VZ consultancy process

How do we advise you?

For each individual client, we develop the appropriate measures to achieve his or her personal goals.

First consultation free of charge

The first consultation takes about an hour. First we will determine your personal and financial starting position. You can benefit the most of this first discussion if you bring along your tax return, pension fund statement and a list of other assets.

The fee proposal

In our proposal, we identify your issues, outline possible solutions and define how to proceed. The fee is determined according to the time spent.

Individual consultation

Our systematic process starts with a careful analysis of your situation as we develop a rough concept and calculate different options. In the end, we give you a custom-tailored detailed concept with a concrete implementation plan.


A concept stands and falls, of course, with its realisation. Therefore, we support you in the implementation of the measures decided upon – whether it be optimising your taxes or managing your assets. We do everything so you can truly reach your goals.

Group Executive Board

Responsible for the Group's strategy

The Executive Board of VZ Group is responsible for the management of the entire company. Together with the Board of Directors it is responsible for developing the business strategy of VZ Group. It discusses the focus of the subsidiary companies and of the business units in terms of strategy, corporate culture and business philosophy as well as interdepartmental projects of a personnel, risk policy or market profile nature.

Matthias Reinhart, born in 1960
Chief Executive Officer



Giulio Vitarelli, born in 1971
Managing Director
VZ VermögensZentrum (Switzerland)



Thomas Schönbucher, born in 1973
Deputy Managing Director
VZ VermögensZentrum (Switzerland)



Philipp Heer, born in 1984
Head of Private Insurance and the Bernese, Central and Southern regions of Switzerland


Tom Friess, born in 1968
Managing Director
VZ VermögensZentrum (Germany)



Marc Weber, born in 1976
Managing Director
VZ Depository Bank



Manuel Rütsche, born in 1984
Head Asset Management
VZ Depository Bank



Lorenz Heim, born in 1968
Managing Director



Simon Tellenbach, born in 1983 
Managing Director
Corporate Clients



Rafael Pfaffen, born in 1977
Chief Financial Officer




Qualified and motivated from the beginning

VZ is successful primarily because of its highly-qualified employees. We hire only candidates with excellent training who have already proven themselves considerably and who can think analytically and have above-average capabilities. Multidisciplinary knowledge is so important in the day-to-day work at VZ that we exchange information constantly in internal training courses.

VZ forms talented trainees into Financial Consultants in its own training programme. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the new employees receive intensive on-the-job training. From the very beginning, they work on concrete client cases together with experienced consultants and train in conceptual thinking, problem solving, communication and teamwork. A person who graduates successfully from this training assumes responsibilities on a client consultant team.

Employment at VZ

Ambitious KV [Business Association] graduates, (technical) university graduates, specialists from banking and insurance as well as other specialists are at the right address with us. Anyone who wants to advance with us and is prepared for extraordinary achievement will help to shape our company. We highly prize initiative and rapid assumption of responsibility. The result is more than 1200 competent, committed employees on whom we can rely 100 percent.

VZ Code of Conduct

Values & objectives of the VZ Group

VZ Group’s Code of Conduct describes the values, objectives and behaviours that serve as a guideline for all employees within the group.

VZ Code of Conduct (PDF)

Success story

From pioneer to market leader

Matthias Reinhart and Max Bolanz founded VZ in 1993 in an effort to bring transparency to the Swiss insurance and banking industries. The idea immediately generated a furore of interest; up until then it had been practically impossible to compare the prices and benefits of insurance and financial products.

It immediately became apparent that there was a very tangible demand for independent advice far exceeding objective comparisons of financial products. In the years that followed, VZ consequentially expanded its services. Today the VZ Group encompasses a number of independent companies offering advice to individuals, companies and large organisations on all financial matters.

Until the founding of VZ VermögensZentrum, there was hardly any discussion of overall consulting, financial planning and financial consulting in Switzerland. That has changed radically in the meantime: VZ’s success has shown that independent financial consulting meets a true need.  

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