Good advice for financial investments and a professional portfolio management

If you want to invest your money or have your assets managed, it is advisable to rely on a partner you can trust and whose decisions you can understand. VZ VermögensZentrum is independent from banks and insurance companies. We do not profit from recommending financial products and are committed solely to the interests of our clients. We analyse markets and securities for them, make investment decisions in their best interest and monitor the development of their assets.

Important questions concerning financial investments and portfolio management

Asset Management with Sustainable Fund Selection

Invest responsibly

Asset Management with Individual Stocks

Optimal diversification thanks to the multi-strategy approach

Asset Management with Trend-tracking

Rule-based asset management pursuant to the VZ trend signal

BVG-based Asset Management

Invest like a pension fund

Asset Management with Index Investments

Greater returns with inexpensive index funds

Asset Management with Rebalancing

Easy and transparent investments in index funds

Top 15 Global Equities

Invest with high potential returns

Top 4 ETF

Dynamic weighting and rule-based monitoring

Fees, reimbursements, discounts

Am I paying too much for my cash investments?


How does VZ handle reimbursements?


How can I keep an eye on my cash investments?

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