Good advice for financial investments and a professional portfolio management

If you want to invest your money or have your assets managed, it is advisable to rely on a partner you can trust and whose decisions you can understand. VZ VermögensZentrum is independent from banks and insurance companies. We do not profit from recommending financial products and are committed solely to the interests of our clients. We analyse markets and securities for them, make investment decisions in their best interest and monitor the development of their assets.

Important questions concerning financial investments and portfolio management

Investment strategy

How can I best invest my money?

Do you want your assets to grow as strongly as possible, or are you looking above all for regular and secure income? What proportion of your assets could you invest in the longer term? And what level of losses might you be able to absorb? An investment strategy is the cornerstone to the success of your investments. The key criteria for the selection of your investment strategy are the investment duration, your risk appetite and your risk capacity.

To identify the best investment strategy, the VZ investment experts examine the overall structure of your assets: Which proportion is committed to real estate, to life insurance policies, to the so-called second pillar and the 3a pillar, and which proportion is at your free disposal? How much income do you need, what is your time horizon, your risk tolerance and what level of returns do you expect? And do you have financial obligations going forward? As independent partners we help you develop your personal investment strategy and review this regularly. We take the tax consequences of your financial investments into account, and advise you on implementation using the most suitable investment instruments. 

Securities portfolio check

Do I have the right stocks in my securities portfolio?

Have you chosen the right investment strategy? Is your investment strategy being implemented with the best possible products, or does your investment partner prefer to select products it creates itself? And are your investments tailored to your personal risk tolerance, or does your securities portfolio contain cluster risks?

A securities portfolio check at VZ will answer these important questions. The independent analysis drawn up by investment experts highlights weaknesses in your securities portfolio and any seeming conflicts of interest of your bank. For while bank advisers frequently recommend their own bank's investment products, VZ experts recommend, evaluate and provide advice exclusively in the interest of investors. The results of the VZ securities check form the basis for your investment concept. Always with the goal that you remain financially flexible, do not jeopardise the substance of your assets and generate the best possible returns.

Fee check

Am I paying excessive fees?

Do you want to prevent fees significantly reducing the returns on your financial investments? And do you want to ensure that you make the post of the savings potential on product fees, securities account fees and transaction fees?

High bank fees can swallow a large proportion of your capital, and have a negative impact on your portfolio returns. For this reason, before buying stocks, it is worth subjecting your investment partner to thorough checks: Does your bank pass all retrocessions on to you? Do you pay hidden product fees? And how high are the securities account and transaction fees charged by your bank? At VZ VermögensZentrum you make more from your money: You save fees on the investment and management of your securities account assets. Within the context of a fee check, VZ investment experts check your securities and highlight the potential for optimisation.

Investment consultancy for pensioners

How long will I be able to live on my assets?

Do you want to generate additional returns from your securities following retirement? And thereby close an income gap? When you retire, you should review and amend your investment strategy. In future, the priority will no longer be on the need to build up assets, but instead on a controlled consumption of assets. And if you are dependent on the income, you should also avoid high risks.

Within the context of investment consultancy for pensioners, VZ investment experts will examine your income and asset planning following retirement. We use the results to define your personal investment strategy, and draw up suitable investment and repositioning proposals that are tailored to your financial circumstances and requirements.

Securities account consultancy

Am I getting the right investment tips?

Do you want to bear responsibility for your financial investments yourself? At the same time, are you uncertain about the choice and monitoring of your investments, and would you like an independent second opinion about your investment ideas? Then use the experience of the investment specialists at VZ VermögensZentrum.

VZ is independent and does not broker any financial products. This makes us the ideal partner for transparent and objective securities portfolio consultation. At VZ your securities portfolio consultant will draw up investment and restructuring proposals together with you that are tailored to your personal situation and your needs. We help you select the right stocks and contact you if we notice that particular measures need to be taken. As we do not receive any commission for recommending specific investments, we examine your ideas at all times objectively and in your interest. All reimbursements are passed on to our clients.

Securities portfolio management

Is my depository bank secure and cost-effective?

Do you want to trade on the stock market at fair terms and conditions? Then it is worth managing your securities portfolio through VZ Depository Bank. As a customer of VZ Depository Bank you can buy and sell securities – simply, with great security and subject to attractive terms and conditions. This is because the transaction and securities portfolio management fees charged by VZ Depository Bank are substantially lower than in the case of other service providers. And even clients that manage their share portfolio themselves benefit from the reimbursement of all retrocessions.

Via our online platform VZ Financial Portal you can also access your securities portfolio at any time and from any location, and are able to profit from high-quality, continually updated stock analyses. And if you wish to settle your transactions online, our e-banking solution is one of the most cost-effective available in Switzerland.

Saving and investing with ETF

How can I invest effectively and build up a fortune?

You want to invest your money at a reasonable price and manage it online? Or you want to save money for retirement or a larger purchase with a flexible saving plan? Then "Save and invest with ETF" is the ideal solution for you. You decide when and how much you want to deposit and how you want to distribute your deposits among the various asset classes. VZ selects the best ETF and index funds for you.

Your advantages

You can check information on net yield and portfolio structure online at any time and reallocate your investments with just a few clicks. The flat-rate management fee is just 0.55 percent per year, and it also includes all transaction fees and the custody account fee. Investing new funds and rebalancing the portfolio are free of charge.

Market data

Where do I find key data on shares?

You wish to keep up with the trends on the financial markets, and you are interested in the long-term development of the various asset classes?

Under Kurse & Märkte you will find key data on over 6000 shares as well as information on their risks and opportunities. You can create your own lists with the securities you want to track, build a real portfolio and set limits. As soon as a security exceeds or falls below your threshold, you will be alerted automatically.

VZ Finanzportal

How do I keep an overview of my investments?

You would like to bundle all your financial matters in a single place and always know exactly what your total assets are?

VZ Finanzportal offers all standard e-banking functions, from payments to securities trading and beyond: It provides an overview of your total assets at all times. The current balance sheet is divided into accounts and deposits, pension fund and 3rd pillar, real estate and mortgages and special assets. These include loans, shareholdings, works of art and other valuables or endowment insurance.

Asset Management with Index Investments

Greater returns with inexpensive index funds

VZ seeks the best index funds for you, reviews them regularly and hence ensures an implementation which is strategy-bound and cost-efficient. An intelligent rebalancing approach (Smart Rebalancing) makes sure that the portfolio stays in line with the strategy. If deviations exceed the limits, the relevant asset classes are being returned to their strategically defined target weightings by targeted transactions.

Your benefits

Thanks to cost-efficient implementation with index funds and the transparent, lump-sum management fee that includes securities account fees and transactions costs, Asset Management with Index Investments is very inexpensive compared to other asset management solutions. This has a positive long-term effect on returns.

Asset Management with Sustainable Fund Selection

Invest responsibly

Asset Management with Sustainable Fund Selection allows investors to invest in accordance with sustainable principles. VZ continuously monitors over 10,000 investment funds and applies a multi-stage selection process to choose those that stand out in a quantitative analysis while also investing in the equities and bonds of companies that outperform in the areas of the environment, society and corporate responsibility. Companies that are involved in weapons production or in the business of gambling, adult entertainment, tobacco and alcohol are largely excluded.

Your benefits

Countless studies have shown that sustainable investments generate similar returns as traditional investments. Asset Management with Sustainable Fund Selection enables you to invest your money in a way that benefits society and does not harm the environment.

The Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) are a global initiative supported by the United Nations. Since VZ has signed these principles, VZ is committed to comply with these six principles in the field of sustainable investments. As part of the UN PRI network, VZ contributes to a more sustainable global financial system.

Asset Management with Individual Stocks

Optimal diversification thanks to the multi-strategy approach

Asset Management with Individual Stocks combines successful investment models such as best-in-class, dividend strategy and relative strength. Optimal investment instruments are selected for each asset class and managed pursuant to the most suitable approach. This enables you to benefit from improved risk diversification while still investing in the most promising stocks.

Your benefits

Professional selection processes and a multi-strategy approach make Asset Management with Individual Stocks at VZ a unique and quite robust total investment solution. This way, you can invest in individual stocks without having to assume disproportionately high risk in return.

BVG-based Asset Management

Invest like a pension fund

In order to successfully manage the assets of their pension recipients, many Swiss pension funds follow the BVG indices of Pictet. You can also implement this investment strategy with us as a private individual. Being in line with the strategy is the first priority: If defined bandwidths are breached, the asset classes are brought back to their respective strategic weightings through intelligent rebalancing by targeted transactions.

Your benefits

Management is based on defined rules, which prevents human emotions from negatively influencing investment decisions. Thanks to intelligent rebalancing mechanisms and the use of index funds, BVG-based Asset Management is a cost-optimized, long-term investment solution with huge return potential.

Top 15 Global Equities

Invest with high potential returns

With the asset management mandate Top 15 Global Equities you invest in a very concentrated equity portfolio. Shares are selected in accordance with the principle of relative strength, and are systematically monitored. Depending on market trends, a portion of the investments may be invested in capital market securities instead of equities. This makes Top 15 Global Equities an optimum supplement to the overall investment strategy of investors who are able to absorb substantial market fluctuations and losses.

Your benefits

With Top 15 Global Equities, you profit from a comprehensive, rule-based stock selection. Equities with high yield potential are selected using objective criteria and their performance is continuously monitored. This boosts your long-term potential yield relative to a broadly-diversified investment fund instrument.

Top Dividend Stocks Switzerland

Portfolio with Swiss dividend securities

With the asset management mandate Top Dividend Stocks Switzerland you are investing in a pure share portfolio. The shares are evaluated on the basis of their dividend yields and selected in consideration of dividend stability and potential. Fundamentals and company-specific novelties are also taken into account. Top Dividend Stocks Switzerland is an optimal addition to the overall investment strategy of investors with a high risk tolerance.

Your benefits

With Top Dividend Stocks Switzerland you are benefitting from regular dividend payments during every market phase. Promising shares are selected in accordance with objective criteria and the development is continuously monitored.

Fees, reimbursements, discounts

Am I paying too much for my cash investments?

Do you know what fees you pay to buy, sell and safeguard your securities? If you wish to save future securities account fees and boost your returns, then VZ is the right place for you. As an investor, you benefit from low fees: You save up to 65 percent of normal securities account fees and up to 80 percent of normal transaction fees.

We pass all reimbursements and discounts, also known as retrocessions, to our clients. 


How does VZ handle reimbursements?

In the field of portfolio management a distinction is made between two different sorts of remuneration: Reimbursements from depository banks and discounts from investment fund companies.

Reimbursements from depository banks

As a client, you choose a depository bank to implement the asset management order. The majority of our clients have chosen VZ Depository Bank. It does not grant any reimbursements to asset managers, which allows it to offer its clients excellent terms and conditions.

Reimbursement of "trailer fees" by investment funds

VZ waives the pro rata reimbursement of issue premiums. Instead, we work in the interests of our clients to ensure that no issue premiums are charged by the issuers of investment funds. We buy investment fund units for our clients, wherever possible, at the so-called net asset value. Depending upon the respective investment fund, VZ is able to secure a volume-related discount on the management fees, at the expense of the investment fund company. This discount is reimbursed to the client.

Keeping clients transparently informed

VZ keeps clients transparently informed of any possible reimbursements and discounts. Your personal consultant will clarify all details before any legal agreements are signed. The consultant will explain the function and the scope of costs and reimbursements. Transactions costs are set out in the report on a one-to-one basis.


How can I keep an eye on my cash investments?

Do you expect the greatest possible transparency for your assets and fees? Would you like an honest opinion on your return expectations and risks? Then VZ is the right place for you. Our quarterly reporting is clearly structured and easy to understand. It encompasses all relevant figures and includes informative charts showing the current structure and historical performance of your securities portfolio.

As a client, you can inform yourself at any time on the  VZ Financial Portal, which is continuously updated: On the online platform you will find your reporting together with the current securities portfolio value and additional key performance indicators relating to your investments. Reporting is supplemented by personal discussions. This enables us to ensure that your investment strategy is optimally tailored to your current situation at all times.

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