How does portfolio management work at VZ?

  • Portfolio management mandate: our partnership is based on a written mandate containing all the important information, from the investment strategy and bandwidths, through to individual requirements and framework conditions for managing your portfolio.
  • Securities portfolio: we primarily invest in cost-effective institutional index funds with the aim of generating market returns. Depending on the investment strategy or for specific investment themes, we can also use actively managed funds; here we focus specifically on the cost to return opportunities ratio. 
  • Investment tactics: the individual portfolios are tactically managed primarily using an anticyclical bandwidth rebalancing process. Compared with periodic rebalancing or a buy-and-hold strategy, this anticyclical approach has a positive impact on the value of the portfolio over the long term.
  • Flat fee: we offer a flat fee for our portfolio management service, which covers portfolio management, securities account management fees and transaction costs. 
  • Reporting and meetings: our customers value our professional, clear and transparent reporting. We can visit you or you can come to one of our branches for periodic meetings.

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