How do we operate?

Our customers value our professional and pragmatic advice and implementation strategies:

  • The right investment strategy: this begins with a spending and liquidity plan, which we would be more than happy to help you with. From this, we then derive the right investment strategy taking into account the risk tolerance and risk capacity of your institution. If you have already defined an investment strategy and clear requirements for your securities investments, we can provide you with a quote for our portfolio management service. The investment strategy is ideally defined in a set of investment regulations. This means that those responsible in your institution and we as a portfolio manager are clear what framework conditions apply.
  • Tailor-made implementation: when issuing proposals on how to implement your investment strategy, we take into account your individual requirements, framework conditions and our investment principles.
  • Independent securities selection: the focus is on sticking to a strategy and using cost-effective investments. As an independent company, we do not issue any of our own funds or ETFs, but instead choose the best investments from a broad offering using our best-in-class approach. 
  • Analysis of current investments: we carry out a detailed securities portfolio and costs check for your current securities investments. You receive a proposal which securities you should keep and transfer and which you should sell.
  • Low cost and high security: the investment strategy is implemented via VZ Depository Bank, which is particular cost-effective when it comes to settling transactions. Security is extremely important to us. That is why VZ Depository Bank has an extremely solid capital base.

How to change providers

Our "moving service" helps ensure that you can smoothly and cost-effectively transfer your investments across and takes care of as many administrative tasks as it can for you.


Free-of-charge first consultation

Talk to one of the experts at VZ. The first consultation is free-of-charge.