Securities custody account

With VZ, investors choose between two fee models, depending on their investor type. Both models offer significant savings potential compared to other Swiss banks.

Fee model: "Ticket fee" securities custody account

Securities custody account and account management

Securities transactions

Volume discount for transaction fees in the VZ Financial Portal

The applicable discount level for the following month is calculated on the last bank working day of the month at 12 noon (CET/CEST). This takes into account all transactions (sale and purchase orders) that have been booked in the relevant portfolio by this day over the last three months (see table below). The discount level calculated for the following month is applied on the "Financial Portal tariff".

You will automatically receive discount level 3 for the first three months. On the last bank working day of the third month, the discount level will be recalculated on the basis of the transactions carried out.

Available stock exchanges

Option: VZ Financial Pro with "ticket fee" securities custody account

If you opt for the "ticket fee" model, you receive access to the VZ Financial Portal Pro free of charge for the first three months. During this period, you also benefit from the maximum discount level of 50% on your online transaction fees. If you no longer wish to use VZ Financial Portal Pro after these three months, simply notify us by phone or via SecureMail.

Fee model: Flat-fee securities custody account

Fees are charged quarterly and debited directly from the client’s bank account. The fee rates are gross amounts, prior to the reimbursement of any repayments of stock commissions and retrocessions.

The fees include the following banking services:*

  • Bank fees for transactions in direct investments, incl. ETFs via the VZ Financial Portal
  • Custodian fees
  • Account management
  • Dispatch and postage costs
  • Real-time data for Switzerland, Europe and the US
  • VZ Financial Portal Pro
  • If transactions are placed by phone or if the transaction takes place outside of the stock exchanges available on the VZ Financial Portal, a fee of CHF 60 per order is charged.

*Third-party fees and charges (e.g. brokerage fees, issue surcharges and other product fees, federal stamp duties and stock exchange fees) are not included in the prices quoted and will be passed on by the bank.

The right VZ fee model for you

Choose the fee model that matches your investor profile: While with the "ticket fee" model the fixed costs are minimal and you only pay for what you use, the "flat-rate" model offers absolute fee security. 

"Ticket fee" for occasional securities traders: You pay a minimum custodian fee and very favourable transaction costs.

Flat fee for frequent securities traders: You pay a flat custodian fee, and all transactions are included. As a result, you know exactly what your fees will be.

If you opt for the flat-fee securities custody account, please send us a Secure Mail with the keyword "Flat fee" from your Financial Portal account after completing the process. We will then add your fee model information. If you choose the "Ticket fee securities custody account" option, no action on your part is required after the onboarding process.