What do I need to consider in terms of car insurance?

There are large differences in the costs and benefits offered by different providers. The costs of premiums for third-party liability and fully comprehensive insurance for a mid-range car differ by up to 500 francs per year between a n inexpensive insurer and a more costly one. The more expensive the car, the bigger the differences. When considering the benefits, you also need to consider the amount you would receive if the car is written off following an accident. Some insurers only pay 80 percent of a brand new car’s purchase price after its first year of use, whereas other pay out the full purchase price for the first two years. 
When getting a new car, this is the best opportunity to change your insurance to an inexpensive  provider with better benefits without incurring additional costs. Our insurance experts offer a free-of-charge insurance check to see whether changing your policy is worthwhile.


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