Why is it worth involving experts in the process?

It makes sense to involve external experts in the process, at least when it comes to valuing the company, tax optimisation, the sale process and financial planning for retirement. Many company owners first contact their financial advisors to discuss the best way to go about selling their company. This is a good idea. It is then also worth consulting other experts, who can contribute an independent outside view to the process.

Succession planning specialists follow a professional process to value a company and know about any specific conditions within the sector, the banks providing financing and investors. A solid marketing concept, with professionally produced sales documentation and an informative company portrait, create trust among potential buyers and lays the groundwork for a successful company sale.

The search for buyers is demanding and takes a lot of time. At the same time, owners need to dedicate all their time to their operational business to ensure that they have the upper hand in price negotiations. Professionals usually have a broad network of contacts they can tap into and have the instincts required to successfully lead negotiations. 

As the succession planning process usually involves working together with these external advisors for extended periods of time, they should be chosen very carefully.


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