How do I find the right buyer?

Experience shows that providing informative and objective sales documentation creates trust among potential buyers and lays the groundwork for a successful company sale. The need for information is especially high if the company is to be sold to an outside party.

Potential buyers will want to scrutinise every aspect of the company. If certain information turns out to be excessively optimistic, this usually results in a breakdown in trust, which could result in negotiations being broken off. There are many cases of interested parties dropping out because the seller cannot demonstrate to them the substance and profit potential of the company. 

Competitors, suppliers or customers are often considered as potential buyers, but approaching them about the matter can involve significant risks. Such conversations are frequently driven more by curiosity than a real interest in buying the company. Information is then quickly passed on which was not meant for the general public. This can cause major damage if, as a result, customers leave, business partners become anxious or employees in key positions within the company leave.


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