Pension funds and foundations: Excellent advice and support

The services offered by VZ cover all your foundation board’s needs. Depending on your requirements, our experts work on strictly defined projects, they take responsibility for management tasks on an indefinite basis, or they manage your pension fund assets.

What VZ can do for pension schemes

Pension fund check

How is your pension fund doing financially?

With the VZ pension fund check, we analyse all the financial aspects of your pension scheme. The check covers the following points:

  • Financial risk capacity: The VZ experts examine your financial pension scheme and whether it is well prepared for the future.
  • Costs: As part of the pension fund check, you find out how your administrative costs compare to the market and whether the risk premiums are appropriate to the benefits offered.

Portfolio management: The investment experts at VZ compare the performance and costs of your asset management strategy.

Management activities

Efficient and cost-efficient management and administration

The specialists at VZ Pension Fund Services offer modular management mandates, consultation on special projects and specialist services for active members and retirees.

Our services and solutions have a modular structure, meaning you can put together the right service package for your needs and requirements.

A management mandate comprises organisational, commercial and technical management activities. The key information on the services to be provided is set out in a service level agreement. This allows you to measure and assess performance on both a quantitative and qualitative basis.

Custody account and fees check

How to reduce your portfolio management fees

By reviewing and optimising the fees you pay, it is possible to significantly reduce your annual portfolio management costs.

The investment experts from VZ analyse your costs, shed light on any hidden fees and make realistic proposals as to how you can cut your costs and therefore boost your earnings. We also examine the investment instruments you use and show how they have performed against their benchmark.

VZ Asset Management

Point of contact for managing your foundation’s assets

The VZ experts have many years of experience in the area of asset management. We leverage our expertise to support foundation boards and other executive bodies, and we act as points of contact

  • for questions on how your securities are organised
  • for designing and implementing your investment strategy
  • for monitoring and controlling your portfolio management process

Independence is an extremely important factor here: Because VZ does not distribute any products itself, the interests of the pension fund always take top priority when selecting securities for your portfolio.

Portfolio management mandates

Rule-based ETF investments

Low interest rates and the associated investment crisis is leading many institutional investors to make risky investments, such as in hedge funds and private equity. These constructs are often expensive, illiquid, opaque and challenging when it comes to selecting and monitoring the investments.

The VZ experts have developed an attractive alternative with their dynamic ETF portfolio:

  • It uses tried-and-tested rules to continually select the most attractive asset classes and consistently adapts to market trends without taking emotions into account.
  • In a bull market, it mainly or exclusively invests in equities, aiming to generate an attractive return. In a crisis, it primarily holds government bonds, gold or cash, thus preserving the capital.
  • The dynamic ETF portfolio is compact, easy to understand, and only comprises liquid ETFs.

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