Dr. Albrecht Langhart

Member risk & audit committee


Albrecht Langhart is a partner of Blum & Grob Rechtsanwälte Ltd in Zurich (2005 to 2008 BLUM Rechtsanwälte). Prior to this he was an associate and partner with various commercial law firms in Zurich (1989 to 2005). Since 2000 he has served as an arbitrator at the VSV Verband Schweizerische Vermögensverwalter (Association of Swiss Asset Managers). He studied at the University of Zurich (lic. iur. 1986, Dr. iur. 1993) and at the Queen Mary and Westfield College of the University of London (Master of Laws, LL.M. European Law, 1993). He was called to the bar of the Canton of Zurich in 1988.

Albrecht Langhart is a member of the Board of Directors of WABAG Wassertechnik Winterthur AG (Winterthur). Since 1996, he has been a member of the Borad of Directors of several VZ Group companies. As a non-executive  and independent member of the Board of Directors, he has never been a member of the Executive Board of VZ Holding Ltd or any of its Group companies. He advises the VZ Group in legal matters in his capacity as a partner of Blum & Grob Rechtsanwälte Ltd. Apart from this he does not maintain any material business relationships with the companies of the VZ Group.

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