VZ Finanzportal: E-banking and more from home and on the move

VZ Finanzportal enables you to organise all your banking transactions, your retirement provision and insurance data online in one location. You get an overview of your accounts, securities and mortgages. Moreover, important documents such as contracts, your will or your advance directives can be stored securely and accessed at any time – at home on your computer or on the go on your smartphone.



Overview of your current assets and liabilities

The overview includes loans, company holdings, works of art and other valuables and endowment insurance.

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Payments & stock exchange orders

Safe and convenient banking transactions

VZ Finanzportal allows you to transfer money and trade in securities instantly: all e-banking functions are as straightforward as possible.

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Account & securities accounts

The financial portal unifies all accounts and securities accounts managed by VZ. As a result, you can retrieve your current account balance and all transactions at any time.

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Real estate

Your real estates & mortgages

The financial portal conveniently presents the property values as well as the amounts, maturities and interest rates of all mortgages. The free HÜS mortgage monitoring system keeps an eye on interest rates and allows you to benefit from low-cost money market mortgages. It also shows you which payments are due and which mortgages are up for renewal.

PriceHubble calculates the current market value of your properties. You receive valuable information on how this value is likely to develop, how the properties in your neighbourhood are valued and which building applications are pending.

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Digital insurance folder

VZ Finanzportal allows you to manage your insurance policies conveniently. All policies with premiums and the most important benefits are listed in the digital insurance folder and are continuously checked. A traffic light system indicates when you can obtain better benefits or reduce your premiums.

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Secure repository for your will and other important documents

Important documents such as wills, marriage contracts, inheritance contracts and executory mandates can be stored securely in a single place so that they are at hand when needed.


Keep your tax-relevant documents safe, well organised and handy

Here you can store your tax-relevant documents securely and accessible. You will also find various useful comparisons and calculators.

Pension plan

Manage your pension fund and 3rd pillar

The financial portal provides you with a clear overview of your pillar 3a accounts and vested benefits accounts. You can adjust your investment strategy online at any time.

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Market data

Key market data at a glance

You may create your own lists with the securities you want to track. Or you simulate your real portfolio and set thresholds. Whenever a security exceeds or falls below a threshold, you will be automatically informed.

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