VZ Financial Portal:
simple, inexpensive and intelligent

Are you looking for attractive investment opportunities with the best equities and ETF? Do you have questions about cash investments or about your pension provisioning? Or do you want an inexpensive mortgage and lower insurance premiums?

At VZ Financial Portal you will find attractive financial services and the opportunity to invest cost-effectively and to build up savings. You profit from lower fees and from higher returns – both on your pension assets as well as on your further cash investments. With our services in the field of rule-based cash investments, you have the opportunity to take investment decisions in accordance with fixed rules and entirely without subjective inputs. During phases with substantial price declines you can avoid large losses and demonstrably achieve better returns.

In contrast to other online service providers, at VZ Financial Portal you do not have to forego personal consultancy: You can discuss your questions with one of our experts at any time – at one of the over 20 VZ branches in Switzerland, over the telephone or within the context of a free workshop at the VZ Forum in Zurich.

VZ Financial Portal services and offers

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