What are the advantages of planning your retirement with VZ?

  • Each year, thousands of people plan their retirement with us; after all, nobody has as much experience and expertise in this area as we do.
  • When considering retirement, you will have questions relating to many different specialist areas: OASI, pension funds, taxes, mortgages, financial investments and estate planning. We can provide you with answers to these questions from a single source.
  • When providing advice, banks and insurance companies ultimately aim to sell you their own financial products. At VZ, we don’t have any such conflicts of interest: because we do not offer any of our own products or act as brokers for third-party providers, we can be completely impartial in recommending the best product for you.
  • Getting advice on your retirement from VZ pays off: the money you will save each year in taxes, banking fees, insurance premiums and mortgage interest usually more than covers our consultation fee.

Free-of-charge first consultation

Talk to one of the experts at VZ. The first consultation is free-of-charge.