Nadia Tarolli Schmidt


Nadia Tarolli Schmidt has been with the Basel-based commercial law firm VISCHER AG since 2005 and has been a partner since 2010. At VISCHER, she heads the Basel tax team and the occupational benefits group and is a member of the Banking & Finance group. Prior to this, she worked at the Tax Appeal Court of the Canton of Zurich and in various companies. Tarolli Schmidt graduated from the University of Basel in 1999 with a law degree, was subsequently admitted to the bar and is a federally certified tax expert. She holds Swiss and Italian citizenship and was born in 1973.

Tarolli Schmidt is a member of the Board of Directors of Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank and other companies, some of which are listed on the stock exchange. Tarolli Schmidt is independent and has never been a member of the Executive Board of VZ Holding AG or any of its Group companies. She has no significant business relationships with VZ Group companies.

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