Fees for payment transactions

VZ Depository Bank processes payment orders free of charge for its clients. Please note, however, that for domestic payments in foreign currency and for foreign payments (except SEPA payments) third-party fees may apply. Such charges will be passed on to the client.

SEPA payments in euros are free of charge

Payments in euros can be made easily and free of charge in over 30 countries using this payment method. SEPA payments are very secure because uniform standards apply to all financial institutions. The payment is credited to the beneficiary's account on the following bank working day at the latest, and there are no deductions for third-party banks.

Requirements for SEPA payments

If your payment meets all these requirements, VZ Depository Bank will automatically process it as a SEPA payment. If one or more conditions are not met, fees may be charged to you by the recipient bank or third-party banks.

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