Why is absence management important?

Health-related absences are a major cause of costs for companies and in recent years, have increased by approximately 20 percent across Switzerland. Illness-related absences have a number of different consequences for companies: 

  • More work must be done by employees present
  • More time must be spent by HR departments, for example, on finding replacements for shift workers
  • High costs caused by work absences
  • Poor working atmosphere
  • Difficulties meeting deadlines / making deliveries due to lack of capacity

An absence management system systematically records all absences. This makes it possible to analyse whether a professional health management approach could reduce these absences. This can save on costs and reduce long-term absences. 

The health management solution offered by VZ spans a wide range of services for company owners, including prevention training, absence management, care and case management as well as support with legal issues.


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