Saving taxes thanks to independent advice

The tax burden is an important criterion for all financial and investment decisions. That is why tax optimisation should be an integral part of a comprehensive financial plan that addresses all questions relating to income, assets, insurance and occupational benefits. At VZ VermögensZentrum we bring together the collective know-how of tax and investment consultants, trustees, insurance and real estate specialists. Our experts are independent and will show you what tax savings you can achieve.

The most important questions relating to tax optimisation


Should I draw my accrued pension fund assets in the form of a pension or capital?

Do you want to draw your pension fund assets in the form of a lifelong pension? Or is a capital withdrawal a more interesting option for you from a financial perspective? An important criterion for this far-reaching decision is the tax burden. In order to give yourself a clear understanding of the various options, it is worth undergoing comprehensive financial planning. This will identify the precise tax consequences.

With the help of long-term tax planning, you can save thousands of Swiss francs, particularly during the years before you withdraw from active business life. The tax experts at VZ will help you achieve this. In order to ensure you are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the various options, are able to assess the consequences properly and can have your decisions seconded by independent advice.


Would it be worthwhile for me to buy into my pension fund?

The state promotes saving for retirement provisioning. Through the chance to deduct contributions to the so-called 3a pillar, through tax-free interest income on pension assets, and through the opportunity to pay into your pension fund. This step in particular raises many questions: What consequences would buying into your pension fund have on your retirement provisioning and tax burden? How would your retirement benefits change following a purchase? And what consequences would this have on your provisioning in the event of disability and death?

At VZ we recommend examining these questions carefully and discussing your personal situation and objectives with an independent expert. This is the essential precondition, enabling you to take the correct steps for your retirement provisioning in good time and in a tax-optimised manner.

Financial investments

How can I invest my money in a tax-optimised manner?

Do your financial investments lead to substantial tax burdens? Does this reduce your net returns unnecessarily? You should take investment decisions above all on the basis of your personal risk capacity and risk tolerance. Despite this, it is worth taking the tax consequences of the various investment classes into account, as these can significantly reduce your net returns.

At VZ you are advised by independent investment and tax experts. We assess your asset situation in terms of possible tax optimisation, draw up the right investment solution and support and help you implement the suitable measures.

Real estate

What impact does owning a residential property have on my taxes?

How can you save taxes as a property owner? What is the optimum equity ratio for your property? And would it be financially worth your while to make a pension fund advance withdrawal or indirect amortisation?

The opportunity to deduct mortgage interest and maintenance costs from taxable income prompts the question of the optimum level of debt. However, you should consider this not merely from a tax perspective, but should also include this in your overall financial planning. Withdrawing pension fund capital to buy or amortise your own residential property also has far-reaching tax consequences.

As a property owner, you have many opportunities to save tax. At VZ VermögensZentrum independent real estate experts will advise you and show how you can optimise the tax treatment of your residential property.

Inheritance & gifting

How can I pass my money on in a tax-optimised manner?

Do you want your heirs to pay as little inheritance and gift tax as possible? Do you want to ensure that your estate is passed on in a tax-optimised manner? Swiss tax laws offer various opportunities: from buying residential property through gifting in conjunction with a usufruct to advance inheritance. As inheritance and gift taxes differ from canton to canton, relocating your place of residence might also be an interesting option for you.

The decision to choose an inheritance or gift is dependent upon your personal requirements and wishes. For this reason it is worth talking to an independent expert: Your estate adviser at VZ will show how you can optimise inheritance and gift taxes, and will help you implement the associated measures.

Tax declaration

Do I pay more taxes than necessary?

The tax declaration is more than just an obligation: It offers the opportunity to optimise your income and assets in such a way that you pay as little taxes as possible. Is your tax bill higher than necessary? Have you failed to make the most of possible deductions? And how successful are you when it comes to negotiating with the tax authorities?

There is much to be said for placing your tax declaration in the hands of specialists: The tax experts at VZ will complete your tax declaration correctly, will check your definitive tax bill and if necessary will conduct negotiations with your tax official. By this means we ensure that you make best use of your options within the framework of Swiss tax legislation.

The self-employed

How are you planning your pension fund purchases?

Are you exploiting the tax-saving potential of your pension fund solution? Does your pension fund offer sufficient purchasing potential? And are you familiar with the benefits of drawing a salary relative to a payout in the form of a dividend?

As a self-employed individual, you can deduct voluntary pension fund purchases from your taxable income. The sum remains tax-free and enjoys bankruptcy protection until the capital is drawn: As the payout tax rate is lower than income tax, the returns on voluntary purchases improve substantially, in particular after the age of 50. The tax experts at VZ will be able to show you the options and advantages of voluntary pension fund purchases. And we will advise you about the benefits and disadvantages of drawing a salary or of a dividend payout.

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