Retirement: Important things are best discussed with the experts

When you reach 55 years, we recommend that you start planning your retirement. You will need to make a number of important decisions. Talking with VZ VermögensZentrum is a smart decision, because nobody has as much experience with questions concerning retirement. Every year we support several thousand people in their financial planning and advise them on occupational benefits, investments, taxes, real estate, mortgages, insurances and estates.

The most important questions relating to retirement planning


How high will my OASI pension be?

Do you know how high your OASI pension will be? What difference would it make if you drew your pension earlier or later? And how high would the OASI contributions be that you would need to pay if you took early retirement?

The OASI rules and regulations are extremely complex. For your retirement planning you need to be familiar with the most important principles, and need to take carefully-considered decisions. For example, the question of whether it would be worthwhile to take early retirement or to delay your OASI pension depend on a variety of factors. The experts at VZ will advise you on your options, and will help you take the necessary measures. 

Pension fund

Should I draw the pension or take the capital?

Should you arrange for your pension fund assets to be paid out in the form of a pension, as capital or as a combination of the two? The decision affects not merely the level and security of your income following retirement, but also your financial flexibility, your tax liability and the protection of your family members.

This makes it all the more important that you familiarise yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of a life-long pension and of a capital payout. And that you consider carefully which solution corresponds best to your personal family and asset circumstances. The retirement experts at VZ will advise you comprehensively and transparently, and will be able to support you as independent partners.


How can I reduce my tax burden when I retire?

Your retirement opens up substantial tax-saving potential for you. By making the right decisions about the timing of your retirement you set the course for the level of your tax burden in retirement. Do you want to know how to make optimum use of your tax saving potential and save a great deal of money in the long term?

Thanks to long-term tax planning before your retirement, you create the conditions necessary to save thousands of francs. For example, drawing your retirement capital from the so-called second and third pillars in stages offers substantial savings potential. It is worth conducting a thorough situation analysis of your personal asset and tax situation together with VZ experts – in good time and with the aim of identifying the best possible tax solution for you.

Early retirement

Can I afford to take early retirement?

Do you want to step down from professional life early? And are you sure you can afford to take early retirement? If you wish to avoid an income gap, or want to find out how you can close this in good time, VZ VermögensZentrum is the right place for you.

Within the context of your retirement planning, our experts analyse your financial situation thoroughly and neutrally. We answer your questions and show how you can financially safeguard your early retirement. 


Should I pay off the mortgage when I retire?

When considering whether to pay off your mortgage upon retirement, you should carefully consider: Will paying off the mortgage bring you financial benefits? Will this constrain your financial flexibility?

The independent VZ VermögensZentrum advisers will explain the advantages and disadvantages of paying off your mortgage, and will advise you in conjunction with any decision you make. You will also learn how to reduce your living expenses substantially following retirement by picking the right mortgage strategy.

Budget planning

How can I safeguard my income following retirement?

Do you want to know how your financial situation will change following retirement? And whether your income will be sufficient once you withdraw from the labour market?

All serious retirement planning begins with the budget. Compare your anticipated overheads against your income following retirement in order to see whether the money will be enough. At the same time, your budget is the basis for all further planning tasks. Because only you know how much income you need every month, you will be able to take the right decisions.

At VZ we conduct a detailed situation analysis together with you. Within the context of your income and asset planning, we ascertain whether your desired living standard is affordable once you withdraw from the labour market.


How long can I live on my assets?

OASI and pension fund income are generally not sufficient to maintain the accustomed standard of living following retirement. If you do not want to be overly constrained financially, then you need savings. Have you built up sufficient assets to cover the pension income shortfall solely with interest income? Or will you gradually need to draw down your assets

You need to plan capital consumption carefully, in order to ensure that your income will remain safeguarded into old age. You can invest your money in a pension scheme. Or you can invest it yourself with the right investment strategy, and pay yourself a pension substitute. VZ investment experts will be able to help you here: independently, transparently and with suitable investment opportunities.


Are my nearest and dearest sufficiently protected financially?

When planning your retirement, you also need to consider your estate: Is your inheritance unequivocally settled? Are your nearest and dearest comprehensively protected in the long term? Have all formal conditions been fulfilled? And does it make sense to appoint an executor?

If you take the right steps in good time, you can significantly influence the distribution of your assets, avoid unnecessary inheritance taxes and prevent disputes arising between the heirs. Experienced VZ estate experts will support you in respect of all decisions relating to your estate planning: from questions relating to your last will and testament, advance legacies, estate partitioning and the execution of wills, to formal regulations and statutory options.

Corporate succession

Has my company's future been secured?

Have you planned and properly prepared your corporate succession? Is your company ready to be transferred? And how can you transfer this in the most fiscally efficient manner? Thorough planning in good time is essential for the successful continued existence of your company. And you will ensure that your tax burden has been optimised, your income has been safeguarded following retirement, and your assets have been well organised.

It is worth discussing these matters with an expert: Within the context of estate planning, at VZ we optimise your income, your taxes and the development of your assets. So you can rest assured that your company will be in good hands following your retirement, and that your financial situation will remain secure.

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