Mortgage: key questions and answers

Who is the contractual partner (lender) for the mortgage?

VZ online mortgages are granted by HypothekenZentrum AG, a subsidiary of VZ Holding.

My mortgage will be due in several weeks or even months. Can I fix the interest rate today?

Yes, fixed-rate mortgages can be refinanced up to several quarters in advance. The interest rate for money market mortgages will be fixed two bank working days before payment.

I have several mortgages that are due gradually. Can I still take out a VZ online mortgage?

Yes, provided there is less than three years between the first and last due date. If necessary, the mortgage certificates will have to be amended.

What fees do I have to pay to take out a VZ online mortgage?

Taking out a VZ Online Mortgage is free of charge.

How long does the credit check take?

If all the necessary documents are available, a credit decision is usually made within a few days.

When will I be notified of the final interest rate?

The final interest rate is determined after a successful credit check and after both parties have signed the credit agreements.

How can I check the maturities of my mortgages?

Thanks to online access to your mortgage portfolio, you always have an overview of the maturities of your mortgages.

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