Save mortgage interest and increase the value of your property

Real estate owners have many opportunities to optimise their mortgage. With the appropriate strategy, you can save a substantial amount of money over the years. A higher credit rating and the right approach to selling the property will provide additional savings and return potential. Our experts will support you in finding the optimal mortgage and accompany you through to the conclusion of the contract. Also when it comes to planning, building, buying and selling property, you can count on the experience of our real estate experts.

Important questions about real estate and mortgages

Real estate valuation

How much is a property worth?

The value of a property depends on how it is used: Do you live in the property yourself, or is it an investment object? It also depends on which valuation method is applied. This also applies to undeveloped sites: How can the site be put to the best possible use? How many residential units could be realised on this site?

A sale is not the only reason to commission a property valuation. Are you perhaps thinking of buying a property, and want to know how much it is worth? Or do you need a basis for the finance? Property valuations are also required by communities of heirs, as this establishes the basis for inheritance partitioning. Whatever you need to know: VZ is able to provide answers to all these questions as a one-stop-shop.

Selling real estate

What do I need to bear in mind when selling real estate?

Does your property account for a large share of your overall assets? Particularly if this is the case you need to be sure when selling that you get the best possible price.

We recommend you to seek the support of a professional partner when selling your property. The VZ property experts will carry out an evaluation in line with the market, prepare a realistic selling concept and help you to find the right buyer for your property. We also ensure professional contract settlement and advise you in mortgage and other financial matters.


What same-sex couples need to pay close attention to when buying their own home

What is the maximum amount I can spend on my own home? How do I protect my partner effectively? And how can I save money with the right mortgage strategy?

Buying your own home is challenging. For most buyers it is the biggest investment in their lives. Buying a property entails some risks. If you don't know the pitfalls, you can get into a lot of trouble and incur high losses. And for members of the LGBT community, some aspects need particular attention, because same-sex couples are less well protected.

At VZ in Zurich, a specialised LGBT client desk will advise you on all money-related issues. Plan the purchase of your own home with us and optimise your income, taxes and the development of your assets.

Mortgage lender

How can I identify the best mortgage lender?

The days when all relationship banks offered variable mortgages at the same price are long over. Today you can choose between a great many lenders whose services differ in terms of mortgage levels, models, payment procedures and supplementary costs. This means it takes more than just comparing interest rates to identify the best offer.

At VZ we recommend a systematic approach. Together with you, our experts draw up a mortgage strategy and show you the most important selection criteria for the ideal lender.

Mortgage strategy

Which mortgage model is right for me?

Fixed mortgages are the most popular mortgage model because their interest rate is fixed for the entire maturity. This gives you security for many years. While this model is comparatively very pricey – significantly more expensive than money market mortgages – the latter are dependent upon short-term interest developments. If you wish to spot trend turnarounds in good time, VZ offers you a free mortgage interest alarm.

A mortgage strategy that considers the various models and maturities makes sense and is cost-effective. Which combination would suit you best? Should you amortise parts of your mortgage over time? VZ will provide you with a mortgage proposal tailored to your particular circumstances, outlining the various options.

Mortgage interest alarm

How can I spot every trend turnaround in good time?

Do you always want to know promptly when there is a shift in interest rate trends? And want sufficient time to respond to a mortgage interest trend turnaround? For mortgage borrowers it is worth taking out inexpensive mortgages on the money market for as long as possible, and then switching to secure fixed-mortgages should interest rates rise.

For this purpose we at VZ have developed an alarm service: This notifies you if a mortgage interest rate trend turnaround is in the offing. We define the alarm in accordance with your personal mortgage strategy. For example, if this assumes that interest rates will remain consistently low, then you will be notified if there is a sudden sharp rise in interest rates. This will enable you to respond in good time and switch to a fixed-interest mortgage.


How can I optimise my tax burden with a real estate property?

Do you know what impact the purchase of a real estate property will have on your tax declaration? Do you want to know how you can optimise your taxes? Maintenance costs, debt interest and the notional rental value of your real estate property can greatly affect your taxable income. As a rule, real estate properties constitute the largest proportion of an individual's taxable assets.

Central questions are which investments are tax-deductible, which debt is ideal for you from a tax perspective, and whether direct or indirect amortisation is worthwhile. The mortgage experts at VZ VermögensZentrum will be pleased to advise and help you implement the right solution.

Multi-occupancy residential property

What is the potential of my investment property?

Do you own a multi-occupancy residential property? Then you need a proper master plan in order to ensure you also generate attractive returns in the long term. Otherwise you will miss out on considerable potential: Do you adjust rents in accordance with interest rates or inflation? Do you perform investments properly and above all in good time? And do you set aside sufficient provisions?

If you wish to improve the returns on your multi-occupancy residential property, or are planning to buy an apartment building, then contact VZ. Our real estate experts will advise you independently and will draw up a comprehensive concept for your investment property together with you.


Is a reverse mortgage something for me?

More and more retired people own a largely paid-off home, but their income and assets are modest. Are your disposable assets running low? Do you have to finance unforeseen expenses such as care costs? Has your income dropped significantly after the death of your spouse? Or is your bank threatening not to extend the mortgage after you retire?

With a mortgage annuity, also known as a reverse mortgage, you can avoid a forced sale and live peacefully in your own home. VZ VermögensZentrum is the most important provider of reverse mortgages in Switzerland. Our experienced mortgage experts will assist you with the implementation and find solutions for almost all situations.

VZ Finanzportal

How do I keep an eye on my mortgages?

Would you like to manage your mortgages in a single location and monitor the development of mortgage rates?

Register your house, holiday home and rented property with all mortgages on VZ Finanzportal and manage them conveniently online. The financial portal provides you with an overview of your net assets at all times and monitors the maturities for you. It shows you which payments are due and which mortgages are up for renewal. With the HÜS mortgage monitoring system, you can also set several interest rate alarms for each mortgage. When a threshold is reached, a consultant will contact you to discuss the next steps.

You would like to use VZ Finanzportal but are not yet a VZ customer? Please open an account online or call us, our Helpdesk will be happy to assist you 058 411 88 88.

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