Save mortgage interest charges and boost the value of your property

As a property owner there are many ways you can optimise your mortgage costs. The greatest savings can be generated by choosing the right mortgage strategy – i.e. through the best possible mix of various mortgage models and maturities. Those who choose the right mortgage strategy from the outset can save a great deal of money over the years. Improving your personal credit rating also offers additional savings potential. And when selling a property, you can also secure a higher return by picking the right strategy.

VZ mortgage experts will help you choose the mortgage and will continue to support you until the legal agreements have been finalised. When planning, building, buying and selling property, you can rely on the support of VZ real estate experts. Our architects, construction and mortgage experts advise you comprehensively and independently. And assist you as partners with their wide-ranging specialist expertise and long-standing experience.

Important questions about real estate and mortgages

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