Information for clients of VZ VersicherungsZentrum AG pursuant to article 45 of the Insurance Supervision Act (ISA)

The following information has been compiled for clients of VZ VersicherungsZentrum AG (hereinafter "VZ") in accordance with Art. 45 of the Swiss Insurance Supervision Act. This information can also be found on our internet site VZ is a registered independent insurance broker entered in the Brokers Supervision Register kept by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA under registration No. 23845 (

Identity details

VZ VersicherungsZentrum AG 
Gotthardstrasse 6
8002 Zürich
Telefon: +41 44 207 20 20
E-Mail: versicherung [at]

Zurich Cantonal Register of Commerce – Main Register
Company No.: CH-
Legal form: limited company

We advise you as an independent and unaffiliated insurance broker

VZ is an independent insurance broker. The insurance covers offered by us are negotiated with a number of insurance companies unless only one insurance company offers suitable insurance cover(s) or is willing to cover a risk of this kind. The client is always kept informed of the names of the insurance companies from which the offers originate.

Complaints concerning the consultancy and brokerage activity

Your complaints can be sent to the complaint point:

VZ VersicherungsZentrum AG
Stefan Thurnherr
Gotthardstrasse 6
8002 Zürich
E-Mail: stefan.thurnherr [at]

Handling of confidential customer data

If sensitive personal information within the meaning of the Data Protection Act is disclosed or processed in connection with advisory services or mandate management, VZ has an obligation to take all necessary measures to ensure that legal obligations under data privacy laws are met. The safekeeping of data is compliant with the appropriate legal requirements.

Under the terms of the Data Protection Act, you are entitled to ask us to inform you which data we hold about you, for what purpose and on what legal bases such data are processed. You may also seek information on the categories of personal data processed, together with the names of persons responsible for the collection and the recipients of such data. You are entitled to ask for incorrect data to be corrected or destroyed or to prohibit its disclosure to third parties.

Manner of VZ liability for consultancy errors

In case of negligence, error or provision of incorrect information in connection with brokerage services, VZ can be held liable under Swiss law and the provisions of the contract.

Compensation by the insurers to VZ

VZ may receive administrative compensation or other monetary or non-monetary benefits (hereafter «compensation») in connection with the provision of certain services. The definition of the scope of services and the compensation agreed between VZ and the insurer are based on separate contracts. Compensation received by VZ shall not be passed on to the client; VZ shall be entitled to the compensation. This circumstance has been taken into account when setting the fee.

The ranges specifying the boundaries for such compensation payments are set out in the table below. In the event of any exceptional deviations from these ranges, or any changes in the compensation structure, notice of such deviations or changes must be provided with product-specific information, or be communicated in another appropriate manner.

In the event that VZ receives compensation from the insurer that could, unless an appropriate agreement has been made, be subject to a statutory duty of handover to the client, the client waives any such handover.

Contractual relationships

As an independent insurance broker, VZ may work with all insurance companies licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

VZ maintains collective agreements with the following insurance companies for the specified insurance types:

VZ maintains contractual relationships with the following insurance companies:

AIG Europe S.A.
Allianz Suisse Leben
Allianz Suisse Versicherungs-Gesellschaft
Allianz Worldwide Care Ltd.
Atupri Krankenkasse
AXA XL Insurance
AXA Leben AG
AXA Versicherungen AG
Basler Lebens-Versicherungs-Gesellschaft
Basler Versicherungs-Gesellschaft
CAP Rechtsschutz Versicherungsgesellschaft AG
CIGNA Europe Insurance Company
Concordia Schweizerische Kranken- und Unfallversicherung
Convia Lebensversicherungs-Gesellschaft
CSS Versicherung AG
DAS Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG
Dextra Rechtsschutz AG
Emmental Versicherung AG
Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG
Generali Allgemeine Versicherungen
Generali Personenversicherungen
Glarner Sachversicherung
Groupe Mutuel Assurances GMA SA, inkl. alle verwalteten Gesellschaften
Helsana Rechtsschutz AG
Helsana Unfall AG
Helsana Versicherungen AG
Helsana Zusatzversicherungen AG
Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft AG
Helvetia Schweizerische Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft AG
Innova Versicherungen AG
Intras Assurances S.A.
Kolping Krankenkasse AG
KPT Versicherungen AG
Lloyd's Schweiz
Mannheimer Versicherung AG (Schweiz)
ÖKK-Versicherungen AG
Orion Rechtschutz-Versicherung AG
Pax, Schweizerische Lebensversicherungs-Gesellschaft
Protekta, Rechtsschutz-Versicherung AG
Sanitas Krankenversicherung
Schweizerische Ärzte-Krankenkasse
Schweizerische Mobiliar Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft
Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft
Schweizerischer Kaderverband
Skandia Leben AG
Swica Krankenversicherung AG
Swica Versicherungen
Swiss Life
Sympany Versicherungen AG
TCS Versicherungs- AG
Vaudoise-Leben, Versicherungs-Gesellschaft
Vaudoise Versicherungs-Gesellschaft
Visana Versicherungen AG
VZ VersicherungsPool AG
Zenith Leben
Zürich Lebensversicherungs-Gesellschaft
Zürich Schweiz