SMEs: Expert support from a single source

Does your company have the insurance cover it needs? Is your pension fund solution exposed to hidden risks? Do you need a daily allowance insurance policy for your SME? And do your executive staff have sufficient insurance cover in the event of an accident?

The occupational benefit experts from VZ advise SMEs on all matters related to occupational pensions, risk management and insurance. With the VZ occupational benefit solution for companies, you receive seamless cover for your employees, including a pension fund, all bundled together under one contract. This means your company will benefit from the sort of cost savings that are otherwise only available to large companies.

What VZ can do for your SME

VZ occupational benefit solution for companies

SMEs can save up to 30% on premiums and costs

VZ offers a simple occupational benefit solution, under which SMEs can pay up to 30% less than they would at other providers. With the VZ occupational benefit solution for companies, you cover all your occupational insurance needs via a single contract, and at exactly the level you require:

  • Cost savings: The VZ occupational benefit solution does not charge the usual supplementary premiums for small companies. This means you benefit from up to 30% lower costs.
  • Everything from a single source: The VZ occupational benefit solution includes accident insurance, supplementary accident insurance, daily sickness benefits insurance and a pension fund. All these policies are bundled together in a single contract for you.
  • Transparency: We ensure the consistence of your administrative costs, we transparently disclose our portfolio management costs, and we do not pay commissions to reinsurers.
  • Online service: As an HR manager, you can easily report changes for your pension fund and access important documents online at any time.

VZ Collective Foundation

Individual solution for your executive pension plans

With the VZ Collective Foundation, your executive staff have the option of better utilising their occupational pension schemes. They can choose their investment strategy, top up their pension benefits, and also reduce their tax burden.

  • Tax savings: The executive pension plan solution from VZ allows executive staff to increase their savings contributions and buy-in potential. This reduces the taxable income of your employees, and thus the tax burden for your company.
  • Flexibility: Thanks to the range of different pension plans on offer, members individually determine their savings contributions. Each member decides for themselves as to the best investment strategy.
  • Benefits: In the event of a member’s death, the VZ Collective Foundation pays out all the savings capital, including voluntary buy-ins, in addition to the pension benefits to the surviving beneficiaries.
  • Cost savings: Thanks to the favourable risk structure, it is possible to reduce disability and death risk premiums by up to 30% – all the while maintaining the same level of insurance cover.
  • Online service: HR managers can easily report changes for pension funds and access important documents online at any time.

Property and liability insurance

Comprehensive, cost-effective risk insurance

Does your company have sufficient insurance covering property and liability losses? Might you be over- or even under-insured in certain areas? Are your premiums in line with the benefits offered? And do you meet the compliance rules for implementing your company insurance policies worldwide?

The VZ insurance specialists help you evaluate the risks you face and the insurance you require.

  • To evaluate your situation, we work together with you to assess all the property and liability insurance contracts you have in place. Your insurance cover is then regularly reviewed and adjusted as necessary.
  • We help you evaluate the risks you face and support you in finding the right strategy to hedge against the specific risks your company faces in a cost-effective manner.
  • As insurance advisors, we at VZ are familiar with all the products offered in the market and can help compare the benefits and conditions of your current policies with those of competitors.

Payroll Services

Simplify your personnel administration

VZ VermögensZentrum supports your company in payroll administration. Our services include, among others

  • the monthly payroll processing
  • the dispatch of payslips and salary certificates as well as 
  • the reporting system and the declarations to social security institutions, pension funds and withholding tax.

The external payroll accounting helps reduce your fixed costs in personnel administration. With VZ VermögensZentrum as your partner, you also have professionals with a wide range of expertise at your disposal.

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