Comprehensive advice for medium-sized and large companies

As a medium-sized or large company, you have exacting requirements when it comes to occupational benefits and insurance cover. Is your pension fund solution optimally set up for your company and employees? Or do you require business insurance?

The VZ experts provide you with in-depth advice on all questions relating to occupational benefits. As part of our risk management approach, we analyse potential risks and demonstrate whether and which insurance cover your company needs. And with our insurance and occupational benefit solutions, we offer first-class and, above all, cost-effective alternatives.

What VZ does for large companies


VZ insurance management for companies

VZ insurance management for companies ensures that your company is optimally insured at all times – for a fair, transparently structured price.

Here our experts evaluate the overall insurance cover in place at your company and determine which insurance you actually need. VZ charges a fixed amount per employee for this service. Any compensation that VZ receives from the insurers is fully reimbursed to the client. Therefore, VZ has no incentive to recommend a particular service because it entails a higher compensation.

And your employees also benefit from VZ insurance management for companies. They can call our toll-free hotline to discuss any questions they may have on their occupational benefits and insurance with an expert.

Services for companies

  • Regular risk analyses and optimisation of occupational benefit and insurance requirements
  • Independent recommendations
  • Simple, transparent compensation model

Services for employees

  • Hotline for questions on occupational benefits and insurance
  • Personal consultation
  • Individual occupational benefits analysis
  • Private insurance check

Accident and illness daily allowance insurance

Better insured for less money

There is significant savings potential for SMEs when it comes to accident and illness daily allowance insurance: Your company could save up to 30% by switching to another provider.

Take advantage of this potential and talk to one of the insurance experts at VZ:

  • We will analyse your current insurance solutions.
  • We advise and support you throughout the tender process.
  • We draft and manage all your tender documents, then check and compare quotes, before helping you negotiate special conditions.

This all provide you and your management team with a thorough basis for making a decision and ultimately save you money.

International solutions

Global support from an independent network

We also support your company beyond Switzerland’s borders. Working together with a number of local partners, we offer assistance for your branches, wherever they are in the world. As a member of the Worldwide Broker Network (WBN) and the International Benefits Network (IBN), our international specialists coordinate your insurance solutions around the globe.

Worldwide Broker Network (WBN)

With more than 100 members, the WBN is the fourth-largest broker network in the world and the largest independent network of owner-managed insurance brokers. Watch the clip here. 

  • Thanks to WBNet, you can always access all your contracts anywhere in the world.
  • As an independent network, we also propose international products and services, and carry out global comparisons of benefits and conditions.

International Benefits Network (IBN)

The IBN is a global network of local consultants and brokers with more than 8,000 employees.



Payroll Services

Optimise your personnel administration

The external payroll accounting helps reduce your fixed costs in personnel administration. At the same time, you can save fees for licenses, installations and IT maintenance. With VZ VermögensZentrum as your partner, you also have professionals with a wide range of expertise at your disposal.

VZ VermögensZentrum supports your company in payroll administration. The most important services include

  • the monthly payroll processing
  • the dispatch of payslips and salary certificates as well
  • the reporting system and the declarations to social security institutions, pension funds and withholding tax.

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